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  • They also opposed the inclusion of cabinet members who were previously in the government that approved the bailout programme.
  • The chicken falls on the "bailout!" spot, so that is what the men do.
  • Ford only asked for a line of credit but will not be participating in the bailout.
  • A bailout cylinder is defined by its function, and may be carried in any convenient way.
  • The bailout gas is not intended for use during the dive except in an emergency.
  • Another option which has been used for extreme depth is a rebreather bailout set.
  • This was despite EU worries about what effect a new government could have on the bailout.
  • The bailout for Spain has been estimated to not be enough to restore the economy.
  • A brought together leading government representatives to discuss the management of the federal "bailout" of the financial sector.
  • Details of the bailout remained to be acted upon by Congress.
  • Looking further ahead, it was generally expected Cyprus would need to apply for an additional bailout loan.
  • The London Stock Exchange also considered the result a possible obstruction to the bailout.
  • Shortly after takeoff an engine fire broke out in the right outboard engine, resulting in a crew bailout.
  • He gave a graphic description of his feelings when the bailout talks were concluded.
  • Without bailout capability the entire crew would be lost.
  • He did not vote on the automobile industry bailout, though he said he would have voted for cloture if he had been present.
  • They worked out a plan that would have forced depositors to finance much of a bailout of the country's banks.
  • He also said his top priority will be renegotiating the bailout.
  • It followed several weeks of denials that a bailout was going to happen.
  • A later bailout by an investment firm ultimately caused him to leave day to day operations while remaining on the Board of Directors.
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