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  • Info A bailout is a colloquial term for giving financial support to a company or country which faces serious financial difficulty or bankruptcy. more...
  • The election scene is expected to take place between pro- and anti-bailout parties.
  • However, he did vote in favor of the second version of the bailout bill.
  • Paul said he thought a federal bailout would send the wrong message to other cities with financial problems.
  • American State Bank did not accept any bailout funds from the federal government.
  • The total time of the action from arrival in the target area to his own bailout was approximately five minutes.
  • The US administration was pressuring other countries to set up similar bailout plans.
  • Debate continues on whether the new government will need a "second bailout".
  • He observed that banks operating in more than one country can be given a joint bailout by multiple governments.
  • This may be considered a relatively minor problem if the requirement for bailout gas is considered.
  • Two additional crew members died due to lack of time and proper flight conditions to accomplish manual bailout.
  • This procedure would save the bailout gas which would then be available if the situation deteriorates further.
  • Finland's support for the bailout was important because it would need unanimous support to pass.
  • However, two polls taken three years after the event show that Americans did eventually support the auto bailout.
  • Three days later, however, the House of Representatives defeated the bailout proposal.
  • This will result in the bailout gas being used up if the valve leaks.
  • However, some suggested that this would not be the final time that automakers would request a bailout.
  • He also hosted the reality television program called Bailout!.
  • This is around three times more than the cost of the Greek bailout up to 2013.
  • Bailout seemed the logical response, but here's where sentiment got in the way of reason.
  • Ireland ended its bailout programme as scheduled in December 2013, without any need for additional financial support.
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