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  • Towards nine at night the bagpiper re-appeared on the market place. Cited from The Red Fairy Book, ed. by Andrew Lang
  • Every line-up since the Stand Easy album has had at least one bagpiper.
  • The bagpiper announced that he would operate that very evening when the moon rose. Cited from The Red Fairy Book, ed. by Andrew Lang
  • He has been described as "the most recorded bagpiper of all time".
  • When the bagpiper had thus concluded his business he went to bed at his inn. Cited from The Red Fairy Book, ed. by Andrew Lang
  • A school tradition is to have a bagpiper lead the football team onto field every Friday night.
  • At their approach the mountain had opened a little, and the bagpiper had gone in with them, after which it had closed again. Cited from The Red Fairy Book, ed. by Andrew Lang
  • Gow's crew marched back to their ship with a bagpiper playing at their head. Cited from The Pirates' Who's Who, by Philip Gosse
  • Bagpiper is sold in a square bottle with black and gold packaging design.
  • Have you ever seen a bagpiper, I wonder? Cited from The History of a Mouthful of Bread, by Jean Mace
  • He began collecting words at the age of seventeen and was also a keen bagpiper.
  • The next morning, at nine o'clock, the bagpiper repaired to the town hall, where the town council awaited him. Cited from The Red Fairy Book, ed. by Andrew Lang
  • Some one flung open the window, for the place was close, and immediately the skirl of a bagpiper broke the silence. Cited from Better Dead, by J. M. Barrie
  • For instance, the presence of a bagpiper was considered essential during weddings, where he had to take part in certain ceremonies.
  • In the chorus the group each time appears in a spare room, accompanied by a drummer and bagpiper.
  • As I approached the house there was a bagpiper playing near it, and the pipes entered into the conversation in the drawing-room. Cited from The Autobiography of a Journalist, Volume I, by William James Stillman
  • These include a sheet with studies of the Edinburgh figures of Joseph on one side and the bagpiper on the other.
  • Will he throw himself back in his chair and smile blandly when his chamber is lanced through and through by the notes of a street bagpiper? Cited from Dreamthorp, by Alexander Smith
  • Bagpiper is exported to ten countries, including the Middle East.
  • For the past several decades, though, the bagpiper has played at noon hour, winding his way through all the floors of the store.
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