bagpipe playing

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  • Since then the electronic bagpipe has established itself as a versatile tool in the new musical discourse of European bagpipe playing.
  • Nolan has three children, and his hobbies include bagpipe playing, ice hockey, and scuba diving.
  • Other activities include Celtic music, competitions, bagpipe playing, crafts, vendors, Scottish and Irish dancing, and free genealogy services.
  • The music was performed alongside circus acts under canvas in London for a week, and included delicacies such as a bagpipe-playing chicken on a piece called "Scotch Egg".
  • There was, besides his visions of Olivia, one other thing to comfort him; it was when he heard briefly from some distant part of the castle the ululation of a bagpipe playing an air so jocund that it assured him at all events the Chamberlain was not dead, and was more probably out of danger. Cited from Doom Castle, by Neil Munro
  • Gilchrist also complained that the Indonesian police did little to disperse the Indonesian demonstrators and disputed the Indonesian demonstrators' account that Walker's bagpipe playing had preceded the stone throwing, and that the British behavior had been unnecessarily provocative.
  • In the wake of the traditional Estonian Song and Dance Festival in 1970 Olev Roomet revived the ancient art of bagpipe playing in Estonia by training 25 new bagpipers ranging between age of 14 to 70.
  • Aleksander Maaker learned bagpipe playing from his uncle Juhan Maaker (1845-1930) (Torupilli-Juss) one of the most popular folk musicians in Estonia called the "king of bagpipe players" at the time.