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  • The next time he went to the village he took his bagpipe under his arm. Cited from The Book of Noodles, by W. A. Clouston
  • He began playing the bagpipes when he was eight years old.
  • I felt as though the bagpipes had been leading up to this! Cited from Peter Ibbetson, by George du Maurier
  • He was considered one of the most popular players at the time called the king of bagpipe players.
  • They are notable for their use of bagpipes in a rock band setting.
  • In time he falls in love with her and goes to play the bagpipes near her house.
  • He can play the bagpipes as shown in the last short.
  • He also had a great interest in other types of bagpipes.
  • He published a six-volume sheet music collection of music for the bagpipe.
  • You want to be in good health to play the bagpipes. Cited from Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K. Jerome
  • It has several advantages over the full bagpipe that led to this role.
  • This is a list of published books about the different kinds of bagpipes.
  • Out sprang the little man and played the bagpipes round the room. Cited from Fairy Tales; Their Origin and Meaning, by J. Bunce
  • By and by you will have a dead parliamentary bagpipe, and your living man fled away without return! Cited from Latter-Day Pamphlets, by Thomas Carlyle
  • Today there are two types of bagpipe made and played in Wales.
  • The name refers to a fictional bagpipe player who lived in the region.
  • This is a list of published music covering different types of bagpipes.
  • The sounds of his bagpipes could be heard throughout the island.
  • Then the whole generation of him are so in love with bagpipes and puppet-shows! Cited from John Bull, by J. Arbuthnot
  • Ever after he maintained that the call of the bagpipes was the most martial music in the world. Cited from The Sun Of Quebec, by Joseph A. Altsheler
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Meaning of bagpipe

  • noun A tubular wind instrument; the player blows air into a bag and squeezes it out through the drone