badminton players

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  • Go has been the best badminton player for his age in the United States.
  • Russia will be represented by five male and six female badminton players.
  • Her parents last words were to become the best badminton player and not to give up on her goals.
  • The United States will be represented by two male and two female badminton players.
  • The competition is held once every two years to determine the best badminton players in Europe.
  • Canada was represented by six male and five female badminton players.
  • She was the inter-school basketball and badminton player during her school and college days.
  • His mother was also a state-level badminton player.
  • Ranjit tells him his story of how he was a badminton player and how rich they were.
  • She is the only badminton player to win two gold medals in a single Olympics.
  • He was a badminton player in his youth and represented the state at the national championships in the late 1980s.
  • He was one of the UK's leading badminton players.
  • Australia has sent a team of eight badminton players to Athens.
  • Great Britain will be represented by five badminton players.
  • He is frequently shown to be an excellent badminton player.
  • She was the first ever Italian badminton player to compete in Olympic Games.
  • Many female badminton players change their surname after marriage.
  • He is the first male Indian junior badminton player who ranked first place in the world junior rankings.
  • The book is only the second biography of any badminton player.
  • The year she moved to Australia, she became the number one ranked badminton player in the country when she was sixteen years old.
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