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  • This ability can allow a bacterium to feel the presence of other bacteria around it.
  • Ultimately, her claim of a universal cancer bacterium was not supported in follow up studies.
  • He had seven years earlier named the genus Bacterium.
  • The plague bacterium could develop drug-resistance and again become a major health threat.
  • Thus the full name means "a bacterium living in a root in China".
  • This bacterium has been found to be associated with the foot disease thrush in horses.
  • These together with the bacterium species play an important role in the lake's sulfur cycle.
  • The bacterium would have lost the genes that were not necessary for living in an animal host.
  • During this process, genetic material is transferred to another bacterium through the mating bridge.
  • This occurs in small children who are colonized with the bacterium during the early stages of their lives.
  • Thus, each F + bacterium can host only a single plasmid type of any given incompatibility group.
  • The bacterium finds itself inside a human instead of in the soil by mere happenstance.
  • However, this may have been due to a lack of knowledge about the bacterium because of its recent recognition as a pathogen.
  • It was the first bacterium to be identified as causing disease in humans.
  • A second important element in the book is the birth of a bacterium that makes women infertile.
  • When the bacterium spreads within the plant, leaves begin withering and can die.
  • The exact mechanism by which the bacterium causes the changes is not yet known.
  • A single bacterium can have several hundred needle complexes spread across its membrane.
  • The oscillococcus bacterium does not exist, and is therefore not the cause of any disease.
  • These antigens are produced by the bacterium at normal human body temperature.
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