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  • Smith also discovered the bacterial species which would eventually form the genus Salmonella.
  • Every week, water samples of each beach are collected for analysis to find out their bacterial level.
  • Thus often a throat swab is done to rule out a bacterial cause.
  • Food safety of ground meat issues are due to possible bacterial contamination.
  • The procedure only works for media that can support bacterial growth - it will not sterilize plain water.
  • Healthy individuals were found to host thousands of bacterial types, different body sites having their own distinctive communities.
  • On blood agar, this appears as wide areas clear of blood cells surrounding bacterial colonies.
  • The bacterial spores that cause it are common in both soil and water.
  • Mineral wools will provide a structure for bacterial growth if allowed to become wet.
  • The agents are usually bacterial, but other organisms can also be responsible.
  • However, many bacterial species can transfer DNA between individual cells by a process referred to as natural transformation.
  • Members of this family have been found to have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • The second type uses lysozymes; these enzymes break down the bacterial cell wall.
  • It is used to increase nitrate levels in the water and promote bacterial growth.
  • Around the outside of the cell membrane is the bacterial cell wall.
  • However, some structures in the bacterial cytoskeleton may have yet to be identified.
  • Nick lost his legs to bacterial meningitis as a baby but this did not hold him back.
  • He named the new pathogen virus to indicate its non-bacterial nature.
  • In addition the large intestine contains the largest bacterial ecosystem in the human body.
  • It only requires a few bacterial cells to cause death of otherwise healthy lobsters.
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Meaning of bacterial

  • adjective Relating to or caused by bacteria
    bacterial infection