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  • She does not remember him as she has moved backwards in time since they met.
  • We can also work backwards and find what the relation is from the number.
  • So, if the song is played backwards, the true message can be heard.
  • The second half of the piece is the same as the first but backwards.
  • From there, he would work backwards to establish the action leading up to it.
  • In the front third of the tail, they point backwards, the usual direction.
  • While using this ability, all sounds and previous action play backwards.
  • It also makes it possible to ride backwards although learning to do so is much more difficult than riding forward.
  • The men soon followed and walked backwards so that their footsteps would seem to lead into the kingdom.
  • He therefore had to slowly crawl backwards out of shot when performing re-takes.
  • This is also known as going "out the back door" or "out backwards."
  • At one time it was considered ill treatment for a man to make the woman walk backwards in some locations.
  • They are also known for having strange commercials such as riding a horse backwards.
  • This means of propulsion allows them to move backwards as easily as they move forward.
  • And why should Goliath fall forward when struck by something heavy enough to stop him, rather than backwards?
  • He often falls backwards, generally to bad news related in some way or another to his financials.
  • If the characters do not match there is no need to continue searching backwards along the pattern.
  • Thus, the engine can be run in reverse to move the vessel backwards.
  • The original code has been moved into a separate project, which is still available for backwards compatibility.
  • Construction commenced at the bow working backwards, rather than the traditional approach of building both ends towards the middle.
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