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  • And does he thinke so backwardly of me now, That Ile requite it last? Cited from Timon of Athens, by William Shakespeare
  • EMV was designed to allow cards and terminals to be backwardly compatible with these standards.
  • The pygidium may carry a pair of backwardly directed spines, but this also occurs regularly in Pleuroctenium.
  • It had been a poor thing, but it had been all her own, and the whole passage was backwardly there, a great picture hung on the wall of her daily life, for her to make what she would of. Cited from The Golden Bowl, Volume II, by Henry James
  • This is overlaid with a pattern of 18-22 backwardly-directed, dark brown to black bands that extend down the back and tail.
  • The new central office switches were backwardly compatible with rotary dialling.
  • Backward Inclined - These fans have simple flat blades, backwardly inclined to match the velocity pattern of the air passing through the fan wheel for high-efficiency operation.
  • Exercise indeed we do, but that, very fore-backwardly: for where we should exercise to know, we exercise as having known: and so is our brain delivered of much matter, which never was begotten by knowledge. Cited from English literary criticism, Various, C.E. Vaughan
  • In some aquatic Chelonians, the food of which consists chiefly of seaweeds, the lining membrane is produced into pointed processes backwardly directed. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • In addition the console can play audio CDs and DVD movies, and is backwardly compatible with PlayStation games.
  • It is characterized by a very wide axis in the thorax and an enlarged 11th segment that bears a long, backwardly directed spine on each side.
  • These slightly crenate the umbilical rib on its inner edge and perhaps form the pronounced, slightly backwardly flexed, striae and ridges which mark the umbilical walls.
  • The border is moderately wide, gently convex, defined by a shallow furrow, and widest at the rear corners which carry a pair of strong, backwardly directed spines.
  • I see no sense for't, But his occasions might have woo'd me first; For, in my conscience, I was the first man That e'er received gift from him: And does he think so backwardly of me now, That I'll requite it last? Cited from Timon of Athens, by William Shakespeare
  • As he is about to kick the kitten out, Jerry throws the string by his toe, pulls it as Tom spins backwardly and falls on the floor as the kitten was thrown away from his hand.
  • They are distinguished by having their rostrum (snout) backwardly directed between their fore coxae in repose, and fitting within a protective channel that usually ends in a cup-like structure on the mesosternum (ventral mid thoracic segment).
  • The peristome is broadly expanded and backwardly reflexed, glossy whitish.
  • XMODEM-CRC was designed to be backwardly compatible with XMODEM.
  • The pygidium may carry a pair of stout, backwardly directed spines and in some exquisitely preserved specimen, the lateral side of the pygidium and the large spines carried up to 30 minute laterally directed secundairy spines.
  • The 940 was simply a commercialized version of the Genie design, and remained backwardly compatible with their earlier models (with the exception of the 12-bit SDS 92).
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