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  • He broke twenty-three records after breaking the one-minute backstroke mark.
  • Players can also hold the ball in their hand and swim backstroke.
  • He also set a new national record in the short course 100m backstroke event as well.
  • The backstroke section has to end with touching the wall while lying on the back.
  • During her career she broke nine world records (six for backstroke and three for freestyle).
  • During her career she won nine national freestyle and backstroke titles.
  • Due to its position on the back, backstroke uses some different muscles in the upper body than other styles.
  • Welsh has won several world championship titles in both backstroke and butterfly.
  • Four years later she won the bronze medal in the 100 yards backstroke event.
  • She also won a gold medal in the 100 m backstroke event.
  • Cone set seven backstroke world records during her career.
  • However if it is a backstroke event, the swimmers will be starting in the water.
  • He also competed in 100 yard backstroke event, but without winning a medal.
  • It is one of two long axis strokes, the other one being the backstroke.
  • He swam backstroke, and his training was more focused in this style.
  • The German men took six medals, four in breaststroke events and two in backstroke.
  • Four years later he did not finish in his first round heat of the 200 m backstroke event and did not advance.
  • The race consisted of one length of the pool in backstroke.
  • At the same Games she also won a silver medal in the women's 100m backstroke.
  • Around that time another modification to the backstroke became popular.
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Meaning of backstroke

  • noun A swimming stroke that resembles the crawl except the swimmer lies on his or her back
  • verb Swim on one's back