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  • The backlash began just a few days later in the same publication.
  • Though with time, his political campaign would prove to be a major backlash to the industry.
  • This would eventually lead to a backlash in his own province.
  • Although there are several examples, there was one television scene that caused a particularly strong backlash.
  • But with her new fame also came a lot of backlash from the media.
  • They are very fast acting, but may have more backlash than mechanical types.
  • These events were followed by a huge mainstream media backlash throughout the country against rock music.
  • It did hurt a little, because we got some pretty bad backlash.
  • Strong public backlash led to the bill dying on the order paper.
  • This caused a strong backlash of support from the community around Technology High School.
  • The report created a short-lived backlash against the administration.
  • Their fear helped to drive the backlash which soon followed.
  • As a backlash grew against the technology, the games received mixed reviews and suffered poor sales.
  • By the next year, his reputation was such that there was a backlash.
  • Disappointing reviews for some of their live shows started a general media backlash.
  • The new law was met with significant backlash from students.
  • However the restaurant has received a backlash since the news spread.
  • She mainly made her living outside of the US where there was never any disco backlash.
  • This has led to backlash between the editorial staff, the art director and faculty members.
  • Although the concert was well attended, there was still backlash from press about new conductor.
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Meaning of backlash

  • noun An adverse reaction to some political or social occurrence
    there was a backlash of intolerance