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  • He employed the group as his backing band for the rest of his life.
  • When we got backing and money, we were all playing together - I wonder why?
  • Only four countries announced they would support a resolution backing the war.
  • He has provided guitar backing for his mother's band during live concerts.
  • When he could not get backing, he decided instead to write a film that they would all act in.
  • With writing well under way, Wilson recorded six backing tracks for the new material.
  • A new more political strategy is perhaps more appropriate here with military backing.
  • The government steadily increased its financial backing for the growing number of both state and mission schools.
  • However, he was unable to find financial backing for his TV series for a number of years.
  • Shortly after recording his first album he formed the Attractions as his backing band.
  • We were ending up backing a singer doing his pop songs.
  • This meant that for the first time all entries used backing track during their performances.
  • But that support dropped off if the U.N. backing was not first obtained.
  • The company plans to resume production if financial backing can be found.
  • The prime minister retained the support of her party, which issued a statement backing her.
  • Only days earlier the same producer closed an Off-Broadway show she had been backing.
  • How came you to think these photographs might have two backings? Cited from The Golden Slipper, by Anna Katharine Green
  • He organised the project and obtained the necessary financial and political backing.
  • However, he has typically formed a backing group of musicians to perform the songs in a live setting.
  • The leaders of the opposition party are impressed and offer her their backing in the coming election.
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Root form of backing is back for the verb.

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Meaning of backing

  • noun The act of providing approval and support
    his vigorous backing of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives
  • noun Something forming a back that is added for strengthening
  • verb Be behind; approve of
    He plumped for the Labor Party, I backed Kennedy in 1960
  • verb Travel backward
    back into the driveway, The car backed up and hit the tree
  • verb Cause to travel backward
    back the car into the parking spot
  • verb Support financial backing for
    back this enterprise
  • verb Be in back of
    My garage backs their yard
  • verb Shift to a counterclockwise direction
    the wind backed
  • verb Establish as valid or genuine
    Can you back up your claims?
  • verb Strengthen by providing with a back or backing