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  • When using this power, his eyes turn azure blue.
  • The traditional color called royal blue is a dark shade of azure.
  • Four separate areas in the South besides Azure city are briefly shown.
  • At the center is shown a gray bell tower, with three windows, and an azure point.
  • Deep sky blue is an azure-cyan color associated with deep sky blue.
  • "Azure" means blue so the first part is coloured blue and the other part is red.
  • Columbia blue is a medium light tone of azure named after Columbia University.
  • The web color royal blue is a rich tone of azure.
  • Royal blue describes both a bright shade and a dark shade of azure blue.
  • A golden knife stabs into the fish and the azure- blue sea becomes red with blood.
  • However, the insignia originally consisted of three azure bands against a silver background.
  • The red cross is fimbriated azure and is set on a white field.
  • Its scientific name comes from its azure (blue) color.
  • Hold On Love is an album released by the band Azure Ray.
  • The shield is the first part described "Azure" means blue so the shield is blue.
  • Three azure gyrons, with the point on the division, are in the second part.
  • Azure is a variation of blue that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear summer's day.
  • During the voyage they seem to be following an azure celestial bird.
  • Typically, they fly low through the reeds and often fly well out over the water, unlike azure damselflies.
  • Field of azure blue encompasses the red and yellow, symbolizing the honor of military service.
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Meaning of azure

  • noun A light shade of blue
  • verb Color azure
    Morning azured the village