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  • In the course of the battle, he tries to get an edge by summoning a dimensional gate to warp Axonn away.
  • While Axonn extends an offer of friendship to his old partner, Brutaka rejects it and attacks.
  • Two well known operatives in this organization are Axonn and Brutaka.
  • After the Mask of Life flew into the sea, Axonn opened a secret tunnel so they could go down into the Pit and find the mask.
  • Eventually, Axonn accepts that Brutaka will never be redeemed, and he becomes unstoppable in his anger.
  • Axonn also declares his intent to be the Matoran's guardian; openly instead of secretly this time.
  • Afriyie is a stakeholder of Axonn Media, a content marketing business which produces content for clients.
  • While all this is happening, Brutaka wakes up in the Piraka's stronghold under Axonn's watch.
  • Once this is done, Botar arrives to banish Brutaka for his crimes, though Axonn still expresses hope for his redemption.
  • Axonn and Brutaka are part of an organization named the Order of Mata Nui, devoted to the Great Spirit.
  • Axonn arrives and begins to go after the two Piraka, but Jaller tells him to swallow his pride and let others help, to which Axonn agrees.
  • The resulting destruction makes them easy to track, and the Toa Inika and other Piraka quickly arrive on the scene (Axonn chose to stay behind).
  • When Vezon learns of this he becomes enraged, allowing Jaller to use Axonn's Zamor Sphere.
  • The Piraka, watching from afar, decide that taking on twelve Toa and Axonn would be suicide; opting to bide their time.
  • While Jaller and Hahli's mission has no problems; Hewkii and Matoro find Axonn badly injured by Brutaka, telling them to stop his former partner even if it means killing him.
  • There he finds the skeleton and starship of Axonn-Karr, an intelligent dragon-like alien from the planet Maklu IV, who had come to Earth centuries ago and died.
  • The rings' operations cannot be explained by contemporary Earth science, but it is known that they served as near-limitless power sources for the warp-drive engines of the Makluan starship of Axonn-Karr.
  • Brutaka tries to get to the Piraka's antidermis, which could enhance his strength, but Axonn shatters the vat before blasting Brutaka into unconsciousness.
  • However, they deal with the Piraka (now mutated into snake-like forms), before being saved by Axonn, who hides the Matoran in caverns on Voya Nui.
  • However, in the story-line Axonn is an ally of the Toa Inika, and also Nidhiki, Krekka, and Sidorak are all dead in the story.
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