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  • They propose to exchange the miracle substance they call Axonite for some much needed energy.
  • Axos landed on Earth and offered to trade an advanced material, Axonite, in a benign manner.
  • The deception about the Axonite's beneficial properties was to facilitate the distribution of Axonite across the globe.
  • This results in every part of Axos dematerialising from Earth, including the Axon automatons and the Axonite.
  • As it turns out, the ship is a single organism called Axos whose purpose is to feed itself by draining all energy through the Axonite (which is just a part of itself), including the energy of every life form on Earth.
  • The novel restored material deleted from the TV version, including a "meet-cute" for Jo and Bill Filer and a suggestion that the Doctor may be attempting to steal Axonite to repair the TARDIS.