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  • Besides the microtubules, the axoneme contains many proteins and protein complexes necessary for its function.
  • Each dynein molecule thus forms a cross-bridge between two adjacent microtubules of the ciliary axoneme.
  • The radial spoke is another protein complex of the axoneme.
  • Though distinctions of function and/or length may be made between cilia and flagella, the internal structure of the axoneme is common to both.
  • They also have a heteromorphic pair of central microtubules in the anterior axoneme.
  • Radial spokes are T-shaped structures present inside the axoneme.
  • The axoneme serves as the "skeleton" of these organelles, both giving support to the structure and, in some cases, causing it to bend.
  • Undulipodia are an extension of the cell membrane containing both cytoplasm and a regular arrangement of microtubules known as an axoneme.
  • Thought to be important in regulating the motion of the axoneme, this "T"-shape complex projects from each set of outer doublets toward the central microtubules.
  • During spermiogenesis, the spermatids begin to grow a tail, and develop a thickened mid-piece, where the microtubules gather and form an axoneme.
  • The building-block of the axoneme is the microtubule; each axoneme is composed of several microtubules aligned in parallel.
  • A transition zone between the basal body and the axoneme "serves as a docking station for intraflagellar transport and motor proteins."
  • Inside cilia and flagella is a microtubule-based cytoskeleton called the axoneme.
  • Numerous eukaryotic cells carry whip-like appendages (cilia or eukaryotic flagella) whose inner core consists of a cytoskeletal structure called the axoneme.
  • The transverse flagellum is a wavy ribbon in which only the outer edge undulates from base to tip, due to the action of the axoneme which runs along it.
  • He did pioneering biology research using electron microscopy of cells, such as work on the 9 + 2 microtubule structure in the axoneme of cilia.
  • In addition to the normal supporting microtubules or axoneme, each contains a rod (called paraxonemal), which has a tubular structure in one flagellum and a latticed structure in the other.
  • IFT particles carry axonemal subunits to the site of assembly at the tip of the axoneme; thus, IFT is necessary for axonemal growth.
  • Therefore, since the axoneme needs a continually fresh supply of proteins, an axoneme with defective IFT machinery will slowly shrink in the absence of replacement protein subunits.
  • Radial spoke protein complexes form part of the axoneme of eukaryotic flagella and are located between the axoneme's outer ring of doublet microtubules and central pair of microtubules.
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