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  • Is also known to play an important role in nerve growth and axonal development.
  • This bridge is a shorter distance for axonal growth than the original route.
  • When they remain, this is regarded as a sign of permanent demyelination and axonal loss.
  • Increased intracellular cAMP levels in neurons has been previously shown to induce axonal growth.
  • NAD + by itself provides added axonal protection by increasing the axon's energy resources.
  • This axonal tract allows the neurons in the two areas to work together in creating vocal language.
  • These channels have been well documented in the axonal membrane of the central nervous system.
  • These factors together create a favorable environment for axonal growth and regeneration.
  • Each input cell had a radiating set of axonal end branches to every cell in the middle layer.
  • Fibrillations will be seen on needle EMG if some axonal injury occurs after three to four weeks.
  • On early stages of development the axonal growth is stimulated, being inhibited afterwards.
  • It is important to understand in order to further develop axonal regrowth surgical techniques.
  • It has been observed that the insensitivity to pain does not appear to be due to axonal degeneration.
  • Established methods of brain research, such as axonal tracing, provided early avenues for building connectome data sets.
  • Considering the entire brain, thousands of genes create products that influence axonal pathfinding.
  • The process by which the axonal protection is achieved is poorly understood.
  • They are believed to be swollen axonal bodies, but some evidence exists that they may be astrocytic in origin.
  • He also suffered severe head trauma, which was subsequently diagnosed as diffuse axonal injury.
  • The study end results predicted that axonal collateral formation at the injured site being increased could increase regeneration accuracy.
  • Axonal transport occurs throughout the life of a neuron and is essential to its growth and survival.
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Meaning of axonal

  • adjective Of or relating to or resembling an axon