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  • The complex faces east and is built along a central axial line.
  • The cross-axial plan is similar to a traditional Catholic church or cathedral.
  • In addition there are four smaller structures directly east, north, and south of Axial.
  • By the 1950s every major engine development had moved on to the axial-flow type.
  • Axial-flow fans are used in systems that have low resistance levels.
  • The garden to the north has the typical square, cross-axial plan with a square pool in its centre.
  • The VFS can be designed such that any of these forces act in either axial direction.
  • They are capable of quite high axial loads and cut very fast.
  • If the latter, are the two horizontal or axial to each other?
  • Not only the mean axial tilt, but also its variation over time must be considered.
  • It has been shown that CNTs are very strong in the axial direction.
  • Because both the arch and the tie are mainly subject to axial forces, their cross sections can be very small.
  • In many years, state champion teams met in a national grand finals with competition via 'co-axial cable'.
  • It was planned to be laid out in an axial fashion, with four public squares and one central square.
  • However, they were better armed, having 37mm guns as well as co-axial machine guns.
  • The tower is built on an axial line with the Anderson Bridge nearby.
  • Slip joints are used when the main problem is a large axial movement.
  • Has the device reducing axial effort from action of internal pressure up to zero.
  • The rate of change of the working air gap stored energy provides the axial magnetic force.
  • Real work on axial-flow engines started in the late 1930s, in several efforts that all started at about the same time.
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  • adjective Of or relating to or resembling an axis of rotation