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  • The sea fell back to the place where his axe fell.
  • It shows an old type of battle axe, significant for the county.
  • He tells B that he is going for the axe and will break down the door.
  • One account says after his sword broke, another says he used his sword only after his axe broke.
  • The county seat is Bad Axe, located in the center of the county.
  • These have a straight form and the upper part is shaped like the edge of an axe.
  • The axe tradition, however, spread to a different range in the east.
  • The stone axe head is one of two links between the stories.
  • For three years running the Axe Attack was voted most popular show on the station.
  • Golden Axe was very well received in its various versions for different platforms.
  • If, during this process, the axe falls from the target, no points are awarded.
  • Even so the new networked time did little to save the series from the axe.
  • As he raised his axe, it fell out of his hand and mortally wounded him.
  • Common equipment included the axe and cross-cut saw.
  • Also covered in typical training sessions is the safe use of the common axe.
  • A then sees a fire axe in a glass case nearby.
  • The copper axe could not have been made by him alone.
  • Grave goods for men typically included a stone battle-axe.
  • A hand axe has been found in Lower Street (which follows the spring line).
  • Its appearance is similar to that of an ice axe.
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Meaning of axe

  • verb Chop or split with an ax
    axe wood