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  • If it's too awful for you, you can always just hit stop!
  • Do you know the awful sense of a party that has fallen flat? Cited from The Best Short Stories of 1920, by Various
  • Then we felt awful - how dare we find it too much after a few hours?
  • I sound awful saying it but I think it can be like that.
  • I spent a whole week in Paris, trying to find something really awful. Cited from A Book of Burlesques, by H. L. Mencken
  • I have access to an awful lot of people and places because of my work.
  • Music should not be constantly making a point about how awful life is.
  • In fact, most people at the label thought it was an awful idea.
  • One has to question how a film so awful could even be made, it is that bad.
  • He did the first set and something awful must have happened.
  • They make me feel awful, but really good and curious at the same time.
  • Now that was an awful thing for me to say right?
  • Can you shut them up for sure When you hear an awful bore?
  • Some residents fled to higher ground, while others refused to believe the awful news.
  • Doesn't she seem an awful lot older than the rest of us? Cited from Peggy Stewart at School, by Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • I feel awful that I didn't put her name in as editor.
  • It tried to tell the Doctor Who history in an awful high-energy song.
  • Men who trained there thought it was an awful place to live.
  • They also didn't display an awful lot of feeling for the characters.
  • If you were to follow their taste, the music would be awful.
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