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  • The king marched thitherward, and Pascent fled awayward, by sea so long that he came to Ireland. Cited from Brut, by Layamon
  • Now is Childric flown, and awayward gone; he thinketh with safety again to come hither. Cited from Brut, by Layamon
  • And Gillomar the king fled, and awayward drew, and Arthur pursued after him, and caught the king; he took by the hand the king of the land. Cited from Brut, by Layamon
  • To the sand thereon bound he the wide-fathom'd ship With anchor-bands fast, lest from them the waves' might The wood that was winsome should drive thence awayward. Cited from The Tale of Beowulf, by Anonymous
  • And therewithal she turned her from the window, and Sir Beaumains rode awayward from the castle, making great dole, and so he rode here and there and wist not where he rode, till it was dark night. Cited from Le Mort d'Arthur, by Thomas Malory Volume 1
  • Then day was departed E'en at will to the Worm, and within wall no longer Would he bide, but awayward with burning he fared, All dight with the fire: it was fearful beginning To the folk in the land, and all swiftly it fell 2310 On their giver of treasure full grievously ended. Cited from The Tale of Beowulf, by Anonymous
  • To Beowulf now Was the battle-fame given; should Grendel thenceforth Flee life-sick awayward and under the fen-bents 820 Seek his unmerry stead: now wist he more surely That ended his life was, and gone over for ever, His day-tale told out. Cited from The Tale of Beowulf, by Anonymous