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  • Awaydays was based on what he saw during his youth, travelling to, and at, football grounds up and down the country.
  • His most well known performance was as Elvis in the movie Awaydays.
  • Awaydays was an immediate critical and commercial success on its release in 1998.
  • This was followed by Awaydays, which was the band's first number 1 album.
  • His first was Awaydays and more recently Powder, which was set in Liverpool.
  • The song was featured in the film Awaydays and also accompanies its trailer.
  • McCarthy appeared in the UK film Awaydays released in 2009.
  • She also appeared in the film adaptation of Kevin Sampson's Awaydays, released in 2009.
  • The Rascals have a small role in the film Awaydays playing an Echo & the Bunnymen cover.
  • Awaydays, based on a novel of the same name by Kevin Sampson, was filmed extensively in Wirral.
  • In 2009 Lee starred in Awaydays, a major motion picture adapted from Kevin Sampson's novel.
  • Greg Mighall and Joe Edwards announced they were working on a film project with 'Awaydays' star Liam Boyle.
  • Liam subsequently appeared as Keva McCluskey in Powder, which was the second film adaptation of a Kevin Sampson novel after Awaydays.
  • Some are organised in the manner of a typical Scouting/Guiding activity with participants perhaps grouped into patrols, or attending special Gang Show camps, awaydays and activities to develop cohesion.
  • The Rascals perform a cover version of All That Jazz, originally by Echo & The Bunnymen in the film Awaydays, based on the book by Kevin Sampson, which was released in cinemas nationwide on 22 May.
  • Special features during the "John Foxx Week" also contained quotes and comments about his work from a variety of different musicians and film-makers, including The Orb, Vincent Gallo, members of Ladytron and Duran Duran, director Alex Proyas, and Awaydays creator Kevin Sampson.