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  • Awaya became a famous popular singer and was called "Queen of Blues" in Japan.
  • It'll 'bout kill him if his rabbud-warren is took awaya. Cited from Dick o' the Fens, by George Manville Fenn
  • Japanese singer Noriko Awaya released her version of the song in 1937.
  • Awaya, however, refused to apologize because he believed that military personnels should also observe the traffic regulations as well as civilians.
  • Awaya started judo in his early teen, and later obtained a fifth degree black belt and became a higher-ranking winner in the national police judo championships.
  • Served as vice mayor of Hiroshima under mayor Senkichi Awaya prior to the atomic destruction of his city.
  • He was appointed acting mayor following the death of the previous mayor Senkichi Awaya in the atomic attack on Hiroshima.
  • On the Sunday before he left Tokyo for Hiroshima, Awaya attended at the Bible study group as usual.
  • The city's treasurer went to look for Awaya and found corpses at the ruin of the mayoral residence.
  • Awaya's words are proceleusmatic and impressive to the audience.
  • In 1982, he enjoyed his last hit -- a duet with Noriko Awaya called Modern Age.
  • In 1996, Awaya gave Mikawa her song "Rainy Blues" at her final live performance.
  • It was working as a singer and drummer with Noriko Awaya's backing orchestra on the dance hall circuit that Mine began to win fame.
  • Five months later, Awaya and Terauchi resolved their conflict through the mediation of the governor of Hyogo, with both apologizing to each other.
  • Toraji Tsukamoto delivered a eulogy for Awaya and his family at their official funeral service held in December 1945.
  • Since then, Awaya and his family socialized with Uchimura and his son, who became Commissioner of the Nippon Professional Baseball later.
  • The officials chose Shigetada Morishita, who had been one of the two deputy mayors, as acting mayor upon confirming Awaya's death.
  • Awaya's third daughter Chikako graduated from the International Christian University, receiving a scholarship from an anonymous donor who turned out to be an American woman.
  • Awaya's private house in Setagaya, Tokyo, was inherited by his eldest daughter Motoko Sakama.
  • Awaya was transferred to the prefectural government of Aichi in January 1935.
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