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  • Following orders not to take prisoners, the captain gives the command to back the ship away.
  • They've taken her away from me and I'll never see her again.
  • They came to another dead animal a quarter-mile away. Cited from Operation: Outer Space, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • The other two will be away to-night. Cited from Lord of the World, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • It all seemed very far away to-night. Cited from The Broken Road, by A. E. W. Mason
  • We will go away to-morrow morning, each our own way, neither seen, nor known. Cited from The Grip of Desire, by Hector France
  • He gave her bread and water and sent them away.
  • The explosion would have been seen from miles away, and heard from further away still.
  • Send some word to help me before I go away to-morrow. Cited from Entire PG Edition of William Dean Howells
  • The farther away an object is, the more blue it often appears to the eye.
  • The crew quickly found a remote cabin located several miles away from any other buildings.
  • She hoped he really intended to go away to-morrow as he had told her. Cited from Wild Wings, A Romance of Youth, by Margaret Rebecca Piper
  • You looked at the good things there, and came away empty-handed. Cited from Watch--Work--Wait, by Sarah A. Myers
  • I must go away to-morrow in order that I may begin. Cited from Gladys, the Reaper, by Anne Beale
  • "How can we possibly get away to-night?" she asked him. Cited from Tillie: A Mennonite Maid,Helen Reimensnyder Martin
  • Is't possible you will away to night? Cited from The Complete Shakespeare's First Folio
  • Is't possible you will away to-night? Cited from The Taming of the Shrew, by William Shakespeare
  • I did not faint away to-night because I was afraid for myself. Cited from The Crucifixion of Philip Strong, by Charles M. Sheldon
  • "You are really going away to-night?" he said now. Cited from The Way of Ambition, by Robert Hichens
  • If you move away, you don't count their value.
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Meaning of away

  • adjective Used of an opponent's ground
    an away game
  • adverb From a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete)
    ran away from the lion, wanted to get away from there, sent the children away to boarding school, the teacher waved the children away from the dead animal, went off to school, they drove off, go forth and preach
  • adverb From one's possession
    he gave out money to the poor, gave away the tickets
  • adverb Out of existence
    the music faded away, tried to explain away the affair of the letter"- H.E.Scudder, idled the hours away, her fingernails were worn away
  • adverb Indicating continuing action; continuously or steadily
    he worked away at the project for more than a year, the child kept hammering away as if his life depended on it
  • adverb So as to be removed or gotten rid of
    cleared the mess away, the rotted wood had to be cut away
  • adverb Freely or at will
    fire away!
  • adverb In or into a proper place (especially for storage or safekeeping)
    put the toys away, her jewels are locked away in a safe, filed the letter away
  • adverb In a different direction
    turn aside, turn away one's face, glanced away