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  • Info Awakenings is a 1990 American drama film based on Oliver Sacks' 1973 memoir of the same title. more...
  • Since her coming into the house she had experienced a series of awakenings. Cited from Peg O' My Heart, by J. Hartley Manners
  • Thou must also be made by thy awakenings to see what Christ is. Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volume 1, by John Bunyan
  • Have they that shall be saved, awakenings about their state by nature? Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volume 1, by John Bunyan
  • His life was a series of such falls and such awakenings. Cited from AE in the Irish Theosophist,George William Russell
  • Morris Off is like to make one think of sound sleep and clear awakenings. Cited from The Morris Book, Pt. 1, by Cecil J. Sharp and Herbert C. Macilwaine
  • You who have suffered know what such awakenings are. Cited from Ishmael, by Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth
  • This is known to have caused mass panic and forced awakenings to those not ready to see the truth.
  • Some of them have been religious, great awakenings, revivals and the like. Cited from Modern Religious Cults and Movements, by Gaius Glenn Atkins
  • It has been a time of great awakenings. Cited from Have faith in Massachusetts; 2d ed., by Calvin Coolidge
  • They find precedent for their beliefs through the Awakenings and up to the present day.
  • It was one of the first awakenings of the year. Cited from The Golden Age, by Kenneth Grahame
  • Its ways were not unknown: its long spells of sleep, its brief awakenings, its bad days and dangerous hours. Cited from The Wrack of the Storm, by Maurice Maeterlinck
  • A man that is under awakenings, is under a double danger of falling short of coming to God by Christ. Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volume 1, by John Bunyan
  • He experienced two awakenings that had an enduring affect on the rest of his life.
  • Certain aspects of life may be dramatized, or out of place in false awakenings.
  • This is in line with the events of the movie Awakenings.
  • There is something extremely delicious in these early awakenings of the tender passion. Cited from Tales of a Traveller, by Washington Irving
  • It also features boss battles and awakenings for the first time.
  • These patients and his treatment of them were the basis of Sacks' book Awakenings.
  • In addition, night-time sleep may be fragmented with frequent awakenings.
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Root form of awakenings is awaken for verb and awakening for noun.

Meaning of awakenings

  • noun The act of waking
    it was an early awakening, it was the waking up he hated most
  • verb Cause to become awake or conscious
    He was roused by the drunken men in the street, Please wake me at 6 AM.
  • verb Make aware
    They were awakened to the sad facts