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  • Since her coming into the house she had experienced a series of awakenings. Cited from Peg O' My Heart, by J. Hartley Manners
  • Throughout the book the events leading up to each sister's political awakening are discussed.
  • Thou must also be made by thy awakenings to see what Christ is. Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volume 1, by John Bunyan
  • Awakening, he sends his men all over the earth in search of her.
  • Upon awakening, he sees a beautiful silver branch in front of him.
  • Have they that shall be saved, awakenings about their state by nature? Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volume 1, by John Bunyan
  • He also participated in many mass-awakening movements before and after independence.
  • In twelve-step groups, this is known as a spiritual awakening or religious experience.
  • During that period, it was also generally believed that it was no longer possible to achieve awakening.
  • There is no consensus on whether a fourth awakening has actually taken place.
  • He has written a wide variety of books including The Great Awakening.
  • They state that every living being has the potential to realize awakening.
  • Thus, the idea of a Fourth Great Awakening itself has not been generally accepted.
  • His life was a series of such falls and such awakenings. Cited from AE in the Irish Theosophist,George William Russell
  • Upon awakening, due to the drugs, they had no memory of the events.
  • Morris Off is like to make one think of sound sleep and clear awakenings. Cited from The Morris Book, Pt. 1, by Cecil J. Sharp and Herbert C. Macilwaine
  • Whether or not they constitute an awakening, many changes did take place.
  • His political awakening happened during his university years.
  • Also they will release a new compilation album called Awakening in March followed by four new tracks.
  • She asked for awakening of women's own and development of feminist movement.
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Root form of awakening is awaken for the verb.

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Meaning of awakening

  • noun The act of waking
    it was an early awakening, it was the waking up he hated most
  • verb Cause to become awake or conscious
    He was roused by the drunken men in the street, Please wake me at 6 AM.
  • verb Make aware
    They were awakened to the sad facts