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  • If this army would had its way, we would be awake all the time.
  • Those last words had awaked within her a greater force than she could control. Cited from The Bars of Iron, by Ethel May Dell
  • I was already awake when the singing began again in the early morning.
  • He believed that if you were awake you better be doing something.
  • I thought that I might make good some distance before the bear awoke. Cited from Dick Onslow, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • At any one given time, only one or two of the children would be awake.
  • Tom awoke and saw her, and they made love for the first time.
  • When he awakes, he is led into a large room with other people.
  • As soon as she awoke the next morning, she told the king about it.
  • While we are awake the mind is situated before the eyes most of the time.
  • Very, very far away it seemed as though he heard his heart awaking heavily. Cited from The Green Mouse, by Robert W. Chambers
  • As if awaking suddenly from sleep, she passed her hand slowly across her eyes. Cited from The Deliverance, by Ellen Glasgow
  • She awoke in her son the love for literature and music at a very young age.
  • He continued to play after awaking and ended the match in the ground.
  • He awoke early, and spoke to the young woman, but she gave no answer. Cited from The Myth of Hiawatha, and Other Oral Legends, by Henry R. Schoolcraft
  • I could bear it no longer, I ran to my father and awoke him. Cited from The Phantom Ship, by Frederick Marryat
  • When he awoke, he refused medical attention and resumed leading his soldiers forward.
  • When he returns, he awakes the others to show them what he has done.
  • When he awoke, he found himself in a hospital under American armed guard.
  • They're still awake at dawn, because they love each other so much.
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Meaning of awake

  • adjective Not in a state of sleep; completely conscious
    lay awake thinking about his new job, still not fully awake