avoidance schemes

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  • Tax avoidance schemes may take advantage of low or no-income tax countries known as tax havens.
  • Newspaper reports indicate that this was simply a tax-avoidance scheme.
  • He has been involved in a number of companies which operated tax avoidance schemes, which were subsequently overturned by HMRC.
  • Taxation law has on multiple occasions been changed to retrospectively disallow tax avoidance schemes.
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax was developed to reduce the impact of certain tax avoidance schemes.
  • In the event of tape dropouts, an error-avoidance scheme selected the unaffected track's data.
  • Held, that even though it was not an avoidance scheme, this was caught by the no issuing shares at a discount rule.
  • EBT's have been described as tax avoidance schemes, and allowed Rangers players and employees to pay less tax on what they were paid.
  • Unfortunately for Vandervell, his tax avoidance scheme was not successful.
  • The main promoters of tax avoidance schemes are the large accountancy and law firms, and large financial services groups, who market tax-efficient investments.
  • Attitudes may vary depending on the steps taken in the avoidance scheme, or the perceived unfairness of the tax being avoided.
  • In the early 1970s, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service started an investigation into the tax avoidance schemes used by the bank.
  • In June 2012, Logan was named by The Times newspaper as one of several people to have put money into a film and tax avoidance scheme.
  • In July 2014, Michael was revealed to be a celebrity investor in a tax avoidance scheme called Liberty.
  • Thus, in the State Street Bank v. Signature Financial Group case the court had upheld a patent on a tax-avoidance scheme under this standard.
  • In any successful tax avoidance scheme a Court must have concluded that the intention of Parliament was not to impose a tax charge in the circumstances which the tax avoiders had placed themselves.
  • Dividend stripping as a tax avoidance scheme works to distribute a company's profits to its owners as a capital sum, instead of a dividend.
  • This specifically targeted tax avoidance schemes that made use of offshore trusts and double taxation treaties to reduce the tax paid by the scheme's users.
  • Tax avoidance schemes had been commonly used for years by celebrities in the entertainment world to protect their income but Tucker and Boyd were the first to provide them to finance films.
  • Lloyds was accused of pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into transatlantic tax avoidance schemes in the form of loans to American financial institutions.
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