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  • Due to its avoidance of built-up areas, the southern half of this road was little-used.
  • Avoidance play can be regarded as one type of safety play.
  • Along with this education will come proper spread of knowledge regarding safe practices in disease avoidance.
  • Once a tax avoidance arrangement becomes common, it is almost always stopped by legislation within a few years.
  • This anxiety often leads to development of fear towards sexual activity and avoidance.
  • More complex rules can be added, such as obstacle avoidance and goal seeking.
  • Brown later stated that his decision to go to law school was "more upon the avoidance of military service than anything else."
  • One historic example of tax avoidance still evident today was the payment of window tax.
  • If the rules do not offer shelter, she then escapes reality through pure avoidance.
  • Subsequent investigation aims to determine the responsible agent to allow its future avoidance.
  • Research into collision avoidance systems has been ongoing since at least the 1950s.
  • There are many other avoidance relationships, including same-sex relationships, but these are the main two.
  • The idea was avoidance of conflict rather than meeting hostility head on.
  • Nerull seems, in fact, to draw power from the very avoidance of his name.
  • He had a good history of injury avoidance, playing 150 or more games in five different seasons.
  • Notice the presence of the avoidance play theme in this deal.
  • After such avoidance, the recovered property becomes property of the bankruptcy estate.
  • The avoidance response comes into play here when punishment is administered.
  • The first, and the one most used in historic and prehistoric operations, is avoidance.
  • Just like physical pain, social pain is thought to serve a function of adaptation and avoidance from what caused the pain.
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Meaning of avoidance

  • noun Deliberately avoiding; keeping away from or preventing from happening