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  • Avionics systems became more complex with radar, fire-control and other systems.
  • Electronics for aircraft flight control systems are part of the field known as avionics.
  • The civilian market has also seen a growth in cost of avionics.
  • Similar handicap also increased the size of other avionics, greatly increased size and weight.
  • Majority of the software would be of Indian origin, along with Indian avionics.
  • It is a one-year long course covering performance, flying qualities and avionics systems.
  • VAST is considered by many to be the grandfather of modern avionics test equipment.
  • Other avionics features include in-flight weather information and TCAS-like traffic information.
  • The avionics unit also carried the equipment for transmitting the data real-time to the ground control center.
  • In addition, the company works on a number of missile, avionics, and space-based systems.
  • He was also the departure/spin lead instructor and avionics systems test training aircraft program manager.
  • The increasing sophistication of avionics systems has led to longer development times.
  • This also includes work on engines, avionics and military systems.
  • These models feature new avionics, winglets and powerful engines that use less fuel.
  • The aerospace department includes the avionics department which designed the control software.
  • The avionics industry has succeeded in producing standard methods for producing life-critical avionics software.
  • The upgraded aircraft has also a painted path for non-Russian origin avionics and weapons.
  • This model year also saw a redesigned instrument panel to hold more avionics.
  • The aircraft will incorporate several changes including a larger cockpit and advanced avionics.
  • It functioned as a third-line repair station for avionics equipment for all three services.
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Meaning of avionics

  • noun Science and technology of electronic systems and devices for aeronautics and astronautics
    avionics has become even more important with the development of the space program