aviation cadet

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  • Before World War II, it was one of eight civil training military aviation cadets.
  • Aviation cadets pursued three additional months of specialized training after completing their initial four-month training course.
  • Aviation cadets sometimes spent up to 20 hours per day on academic and military training.
  • His first wartime job was concerned with organization of the aviation cadet training program.
  • He returned to active duty and entered the aviation cadet program in November 1950.
  • Upon completion of two years of college, he applied for the US Navy aviation cadet program and was accepted.
  • He then joined the Air Force as an aviation cadet.
  • Soon after, Jackson successfully completed Aviation Cadet Training and became a commissioned officer.
  • Its mission was the training of 3d phase aviation cadets in twin-engine aircraft.
  • Their course of instruction, however, was essentially the same as that for aviation cadets.
  • Cadets who pass the assessment period of the second phase are designated aviation cadets and start flight training.
  • He was a naval aviation cadet during World War II.
  • Naval Aviation Cadets wore the same dress uniforms as naval officers once they completed Primary.
  • The mission of the new airfield was the training of aviation cadets in the advanced phase of flying training.
  • This was before the category of aviation cadets was established; officers were accepted for the flight training program only after at least two years of sea duty.
  • Once completed, the graduates were designated as aviation cadets and were sent to one of the primary flight schools for pilot training.
  • He took and passed the test for aviation cadets, but his enlistment expired before he was selected for pilot training.
  • He was then accepted into the aviation cadet program, and became a commissioned officer in June 1955.
  • He graduated number one in his class of 500 aviation cadets.
  • He was unable to join the US Army Aviation Cadet Program due to a lack of a college education.
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