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  • Info Aviation is the practical aspect or art of aeronautics, being the design, development, production, operation, and use of aircraft, especially heavier-than-air aircraft.
  • Nevertheless, after the war they slowly became more common in civil aviation as well.
  • It is mostly used for military aviation for the surrounding military base.
  • It is a public use general aviation airport, which is open to the public.
  • General aviation includes all non-scheduled civil flying, both private and commercial.
  • Civil aviation also served as a cover for military operations.
  • Each national aviation authority has a source of information about airports in their country.
  • The airport is also home to full service general aviation and corporate facilities.
  • It is the largest and oldest military aviation museum in the world.
  • Though there is little to no commercial air service, nearly all operations are corporate or general aviation.
  • It may also include other branches of the military such as the air force via means of aviation corps.
  • After several successful experiments with aviation as a boy, he eventually earned a civil engineering degree.
  • Civil aviation includes all non-military flying, both general aviation and scheduled air transport.
  • The company's primary focus was systems for real-time data applied to commercial and aviation applications.
  • Though intended for aviation use, it was not fitted to any aircraft.
  • In its later years, the site was turned over to the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • It is the second-largest aviation museum in the country.
  • In the 20th century the county developed a role in aviation.
  • Since then the Airport has only served for General aviation and business aviation.
  • India was also one of the first countries to embrace civil aviation.
  • General aviation support is provided through several private aviation companies.
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  • noun The aggregation of a country's military aircraft
  • noun The operation of aircraft to provide transportation
  • noun The art of operating aircraft