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  • Info In attractiveness studies, averageness is one of the characteristics of physical beauty in which the average phenotype, i.e. outward appearance, of the individual theoretically characterizes averaged genotypes, thus indicating health and fertility. more...
  • There was no measure of general averageness, only a large number of very specific averages.
  • Experiments show that symmetry and averageness make independent contributions to overall attractiveness.
  • Whether this is down to symmetry or averageness is a matter of disagreement.
  • This suggests that it is averageness alone, that is making a face attractive rather than some other artifact that results from the averaging techniques.
  • Work on isolated populations suggest that preferences for averageness appear to be universal.
  • Bauers, who was chosen for his averageness, is discovered to be the smartest human alive and eventually becomes president of the United States.
  • He noticed that these composite portraits were more attractive than any individual member, and this has generated a large body of research on human attractiveness and averageness one hundred years later.
  • However there is dispute of whether increased facial attractiveness is solely due to changes in symmetry or averageness.
  • A similar study was done with Miss Universe contestants, as shown in the averageness article, as well as one for age, as shown in youthfulness article.
  • Averageness remains a significant predictor of attractiveness when the effect of symmetry was excluded.
  • This phenomenon is now known as averageness-effect, that is the highly physically attractive tend to be indicative of the average traits of the population.
  • Along with traits such as averageness and youthfulness it influences judgements of aesthetic traits of physical attractiveness and beauty.
  • In fact, many of their preferences for attractiveness, such as symmetry, averageness and sexually dimorphic voice pitch are similar to preferences found in Western countries.
  • In 1883, Francis Galton first noticed that averageness or koinophilia is a strong indicator of physical beauty.
  • Men and women find traits such as averageness, symmetry, and masculinity (in male) or femininity (in female) in faces attractive.
  • The results of these experiments rejected that the attractiveness of facial configurations could be solely due to associated changes in symmetry, and strengthened the evidence that facial averageness is attractive.
  • During this year psychologists Langlois and Roggman wanted to systematically examine whether mathematical averageness is linked with facial attractiveness.
  • Averageness has been a result of stabilizing selection whereas facial paedomorphosis or juvenile traits are a result of directional selection (Wehr, 2001).
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Meaning of averageness

  • noun The state of being that is average; indicates normality but with connotations of mediocrity
  • noun Ordinariness as a consequence of being average and not outstanding