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  • He had only one other season in which he averaged double figures.
  • While at Boston, he averaged over twenty goals a season for four years.
  • This daily revolution is not considered to be averaged out to get the mean.
  • If students are entering as a group, the students' points are averaged together.
  • Although his points per game average dropped, he averaged a career high in rebounds per game.
  • This was repeated and the results averaged to make sure the effect was real.
  • A prolific author, until her marriage she averaged one book per year.
  • Al Rose claims that the store probably averaged about two dollars of income per day.
  • If two polls came out on the same day, they were averaged.
  • In the long run, though, Packard averaged approximately one new series per year.
  • The effective data transfer rate may be averaged over a period of seconds, minutes, or hours.
  • He averaged five hours of sleep each night.
  • By contrast the discharge at the end of the dry season averaged just per second.
  • He averaged a mere four points per game (ppg) during his senior season of high school.
  • He also averaged 16 points per game as a small forward on the basketball team.
  • Training sessions averaged four to five hours a day, seven days a week, with the occasional nine-hour day.
  • Since then, its student body size has averaged about 2400 students.
  • In spite of this the annual growth rate averaged five per cent, the highest achieved since independence.
  • The roadometer showed that the company averaged between fourteen and twenty miles per day.
  • Even with the fan support to get him playing time he averaged just over 11 minutes a game.
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Root form of averaged is average for the verb.

Meaning of averaged

  • verb Amount to or come to an average, without loss or gain
    The number of hours I work per work averages out to 40
  • verb Achieve or reach on average
    He averaged a C
  • verb Compute the average of