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  • Info In colloquial language average usually refers to the sum of a list of numbers divided by the size of the list, in other words the arithmetic mean. more...
  • He makes the average or above average player look like a star at times.
  • Television provides the major source of news and entertainment for the average family.
  • The average number of church visits per year by church members is approximately two.
  • The average annual temperature on the coast is around during the day and at night.
  • The average number of families was four to seven, rarely reaching more than ten.
  • Its average annual temperature is during the day and at night.
  • These difficulties occur a quarter to a third of the time on average.
  • On average, men have more body hair than women.
  • The average standard of living in Italy is very high.
  • He wrote on average a book a year.
  • The long-run decision is based on the relationship of the price and long-run average costs.
  • Sometimes averages do not give the kind of information needed to save lives.
  • Northern parts of the state average higher annual rainfall than the south.
  • He ended the season top of the national averages for the first time.
  • On average, they have completed two years schooling more than their parents.
  • There is at least one planet on average per star.
  • Currently it is about long and averages about wide, making it about in size.
  • This is difficult enough that even the best players can only manage to average one to two points per turn.
  • He had only one other season in which he averaged double figures.
  • The price system was an attempt to keep the average price low while encouraging new production.
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Meaning of average

  • noun A statistic describing the location of a distribution
    it set the norm for American homes
  • noun (sports) the ratio of successful performances to opportunities
  • noun An intermediate scale value regarded as normal or usual
    he is about average in height, the snowfall this month is below average
  • verb Amount to or come to an average, without loss or gain
    The number of hours I work per work averages out to 40
  • verb Achieve or reach on average
    He averaged a C
  • verb Compute the average of