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  • The has all the forms necessary to enter the race available on-line.
  • There was also a black-and-white version of this film available.
  • Each of the first three powers is available in an advanced form.
  • Health classes are offered by the school and are available on-line.
  • My decision to attack at this time and place was based on the best information available.
  • The paper is only available on line as of this date.
  • The maximum amount that can go into work is called the available energy.
  • Parts of the magazine have been made available on-line.
  • Some of their more notable models are described below - a full list is available on-line.
  • Although the report is sold out the information is readily available on-line.
  • An on-line book is an e-book that is available online through the internet.
  • With VIA, results and treatment can be available on the same day.
  • This means a player can make his or her status busy, available, etc.
  • The public health services are universal and available to all citizens of the country for free.
  • The author is me, and this image is not available on-line other than it would be here.
  • This has been published, and is available on-line.
  • They are available all throughout North and South America along with many other areas.
  • Both networks are available over-the-air in most of the country.
  • The full text of this story is available on-line.
  • A more complete discussion of the new process is available below.
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Words starting with available

Meaning of available

  • adjective Obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service
    kept a fire extinguisher available, much information is available through computers, available in many colors, the list of available candidates is unusually long