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  • The autopsy report was medical and did not state what caused his death.
  • An autopsy four years later showed that her tongue had been cut out.
  • An autopsy report revealed that her death was not related to the earlier fall.
  • When she died at one month of age, an autopsy was performed.
  • Smith took more than seven months to prepare his initial autopsy report.
  • Her parents suspected that her husband was involved and achieved a second autopsy two years later.
  • No police reports, however, say anything about a second gun and no written autopsy reports could be located.
  • Six days after she died, her family requested an autopsy be performed in California.
  • So he had his medical officer make a few autopsies. Cited from The Lani People, by J. F. Bone
  • There have been modern studies that have supported the original autopsy finding.
  • Autopsies showed the victims had been thrown into the water while still alive.
  • Since his body was never submitted to an autopsy, the true cause of his death remains unknown.
  • An autopsy showed that his heart was twice the size of a normal dog's heart.
  • No one else is allow to write his autopsy report.
  • After three autopsies, there were no signs of any sexual attack according to state officials.
  • The results of an independent autopsy have not been made public.
  • However by the request of her family, the autopsy was still performed.
  • They are typically medical officers that perform autopsy procedures on the human body after death.
  • An autopsy confirmed that the death was by natural causes, a heart attack.
  • An autopsy performed on her body the next day confirmed the cause of death as stroke.
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Meaning of autopsy

  • noun An examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease
  • verb Perform an autopsy on a dead body; do a post-mortem