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  • Automatic control systems were first developed over two thousand years ago.
  • The entire mission would be controlled by either automatic systems, or by ground control.
  • The ready supply of air has allowed the development of semi and fully automatic air guns.
  • MOVE members fired at the police, and the police returned fire with automatic weapons.
  • It has always been operated using automatic train operation, but all trains carry drivers.
  • Two speed automatic transmissions were introduced towards the end of their production run.
  • It has a five speed automatic transmission and a two speed transfer case.
  • This engine was available with a three-speed or a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • It was only available in four-wheel-drive with a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • It was available with a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.
  • A three-speed automatic transmission as well as air condition became available as an option.
  • "I wish to order sufficient automatics to meet the demand when peace comes." Cited from The War After the War, by Isaac Frederick Marcosson
  • Both were sold with either a four-speed manual or three-speed automatic transmission.
  • Under automatic operation, the on-train computer instructs the train what to do.
  • The car was only available with a four-speed automatic transmission.
  • Australian citizens and residents from other parts of the nation do not have automatic right of residence on the island.
  • During six seasons, he was an automatic first-choice.
  • The two-speed automatic was no longer offered.
  • A home run accomplished in any of the above manners is an automatic home run.
  • A new gate improved the operation of the dam and is now fully automatic.
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Meaning of automatic

  • adjective Operating with minimal human intervention; independent of external control
    automatic transmission, a budget deficit that caused automatic spending cuts