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  • It typically shows the location and state of the camera's provided auto-focus points.
  • E-mount series of lenses will be fully supported with auto-focus.
  • The following lenses were made for the N-mount systems which offered auto-focus function.
  • The video recorder also supports continuous auto-focus during video recording.
  • Additional features available for the camera include digital zoom, LED flash and auto focus etc.
  • The other major change was the absence of auto-focus in the onboard camera.
  • It has been reported that quality control problems lead to some copies of this lens having problems attaining proper focus when using auto focus.
  • As a manual focus only lens, it does not support auto focus.
  • Auto focus speed of this lens is moderately fast, but focusing does make some sound.
  • Another difference is the procedure for switching between manual focus and auto-focus.
  • Some are known as dynamic auto focus systems.
  • Auto focus speed of this lens is very fast.
  • However, it does not auto-focus while filming video; to keep a subject in focus, the user must manually track subject motion.
  • The front of the lens does not rotate, but the focusing ring does, when using auto focus.
  • For the same reason bright auto-focus assist lights should be switched off or covered when photographing in the Underground.
  • A lower-cost drive system replaced the USM auto-focus system and therefore these lenses do not support FTM.
  • Users should note that features such as auto-focus, automatic aperture, and full field of view may not be available when using an adapter.
  • The system also included an extensive range of auto-focus lenses, flashes, a motor drive and other accessories.
  • However, the accuracy of phase-detection auto-focus depends on its effective measurement basis.
  • The camera includes auto focus and a LED flash.
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