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  • These figures became authoritative and widely accepted in many standard reference works.
  • It is recognized today as one of the most authoritative private award.
  • There is no single, authoritative text which tells the entire events of the war.
  • Unfortunately his account has been taken as authoritative by many later writers on the subject.
  • The book has since been fully revised, and is still considered authoritative within its field.
  • Command is established in a top-down fashion, with the most important and authoritative positions established first.
  • But for many years the book was regarded as authoritative -- contemporary history at its best.
  • However, this has resulted in the principal having an authoritative power over the institution.
  • He was given the lead role because producers believed his deep, authoritative voice would best fit the role.
  • These were not recognized as authoritative by the religious leaders at that time, however.
  • A district court was the least authoritative type of criminal court in Scotland.
  • They have each developed their own authoritative safety requirements and conducted extensive research and development in the field.
  • There is currently no authoritative voice classification system within non-classical music.
  • There is currently no authoritative system of voice classification in non-classical music.
  • The most authoritative comes from his family, stating that he was so called by them while still a child.
  • It is widely regarded as the official and authoritative historical text for that period.
  • It is the world's largest scientific society and one of the leading sources of authoritative scientific information.
  • Many authoritative works, from other study groups, also use the Welsh form.
  • He was authoritative yet he allowed the game to flow.
  • History is no longer subdivided in such an assembly-line fashion with such an authoritative result expected.
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