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  • He has been a full-time author for more than thirty years.
  • After taking early retirement he became a full time author of history books.
  • Since then he has been working as a full-time author.
  • She is also a singer of note and the wife of a well known author. Cited from Reno, by Lilyan Stratton
  • Many of these words were used once by the author and then forgotten.
  • The novel was written shortly after the death of the author's uncle.
  • The book includes several elements related to the author's real life.
  • Award-winning author, her books are published in some twenty countries.
  • He is also a successful, award-winning author of ten books.
  • She is also an award winning author of short stories and poetry.
  • Each passage also included the name of a well-known author.
  • Nevertheless, things appear to have worked out for the well-known author.
  • It is therefore suggested by a few that a single author composed both of these letters.
  • It was author's story of what he had to see and feel in his youth.
  • However nothing came of the plans and the rights are once again the author's property.
  • The novel was the author's first clear critical and commercial success.
  • The novel is based on the author's real life experience.
  • Nothing specific about the author's life is known with any degree of confidence.
  • He provides the names of other authors where they were available in his sources.
  • He is considered by many to be one of the greatest authors of all time.
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Meaning of author

  • verb Be the author of
    She authored this play