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  • It contains twenty articles, of which however only the first twelve are authentic.
  • She felt strongly that what was presented under that name on stage was not authentic.
  • It is necessary every year to dress the tree with branches to give an authentic look.
  • He also says that these social experiences provide people with authentic experiences.
  • The same song was used however drums were added to give it more of an authentic sound.
  • He was deeply interested in a folk-based culture, which he considered most authentic.
  • The goal of the project was to make the stadium as authentic as possible to the original.
  • Those who face death with dignity and courage live an authentic life.
  • Authentic culture is unique and cannot be forced into any pre-formed schemas.
  • They are notable for using a significant number of authentic tanks and equipment.
  • Because their lives are not authentic this is a difficult task and they are under constant threat.
  • She also liked the historical setting as it makes all the situations seem authentic.
  • Use of authentic teaching materials has also been required in teaching couples.
  • Authentic uses on cover are not often seen however.
  • The oldest authentic documents produced were all on paper and barely even a hundred years old.
  • It has included authentic Greek food, music, dancing, and an art show.
  • Although a number of sources were used, they attempted to avoid most science fiction television series as they wanted an authentic sound.
  • The gardens have been re-planted using authentic plants from the Roman period.
  • In addition she gave the mass media in various countries an authentic view on the events in Ukraine.
  • They are trained to speak from an authentic point of view, about their personal histories and local events.
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