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  • Aureusidin synthase has been introduced into plants with naturally blue flowers to form new transgenic yellow flowers in Torenia species.
  • In addition to its importance to the floricultural industry, aureusidin synthase is a relatively new target for biomedical research.
  • Aureusidin is a plant flavonoid that provides yellow coloration in several plants, including snapdragons and cosmos.
  • Aureusidin synthase is homologous to plant polyphenol oxidase, but contains certain significant modifications.
  • Aureusidin synthase is homologous to plant polyphenol oxidase (PPO), but contains certain significant modifications.
  • Much like PPOs, aureusidin synthase is likely first synthesized as a larger ~60 kDa protein and then undergoes proteolytic cleavage to remove transport groups.
  • Aureusidin synthase is of particular attractiveness in creating genetically modified plants that may confer medicinal properties, and the creation of transgenic lettuce and tobacco leaves with improved antioxidant properties has already been demonstrated.
  • Aureusidin synthase is an enzyme found in Antirrhinum majus (Garden snapdragon).
  • Aureusidin synthase has two main enzymatic tasks: hydroxylation at the 3-position on the B-ring of chalcones, and the oxidative cyclization of chalcones to form aurones.
  • While PPO has a highly conserved N-terminal amino acid sequence in order to facilitate transport to the plastid lumen, aureusidin synthase lacks this sequence and thus is not localized to the plasmid.