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  • Info Aufeis (German for "ice on top") is a sheet-like mass of layered ice that forms from successive flows of ground water during freezing temperatures. more...
  • Aufeis typically melts out during summer and will often form in the same place year after year.
  • Such lakes turned into ice bodies of the "aufeis" type.
  • Culverts and pipelines can actually help to block flow and lead to the development of more extensive aufeis.
  • Successive ice layers can lead to aufeis accumulations that are several meters thick.
  • Dangers on the upper river include shallow, extremely braided channels, and aufeis.
  • Aufeis accumulates during winter along stream and river valleys in arctic and subarctic environments.
  • Aufeis can present an extreme danger to recreational boaters even during summer months, who can find themselves trapped between walls of ice or pulled under aufeis by the current of the river.
  • They consisted of a thick lens of lake water, which was covered by lake ice, aufeis and glacier ice, and by snow-firn sequence, too.
  • Breaking dams of aufeis can also cause flash floods downriver.
  • Aufeis is layered ice that forms in Arctic and subarctic stream valleys.
  • Hazards include swift current, shallow water, sharp bends, logjams, boulders, and aufeis.
  • Research on aufeis has to a large extent been motivated by the variety of engineering problems the ice sheets can cause (e.g. blocking drainages and causing flooding of roads).
  • "Aufeis" ledoyoms became independent centers of glaciation with subradial ice outlets.