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  • His interest since that time was mainly the physics of the auditory system.
  • Sound processing of the human auditory system is performed in so-called critical bands.
  • Still, this approximately matches the performance of the human auditory system.
  • This suggests that experience with auditory speech is necessary in language development.
  • Women, on the other hand, learn best through reading information and having it explained in an auditory fashion.
  • The human auditory system has only limited possibilities to determine the distance of a sound source.
  • Since most animals have two ears, many of the effects of the human auditory system can also be found in other animals.
  • Little recent research has been conducted into its behaviour, and most has concentrated on its auditory communication.
  • However, after some weeks, the auditory system would adapt to the new head-related transfer function.
  • It has been suggested that auditory learning begins already in the pre-natal period.
  • He was also interested in the auditory arts and created compositions for the radio.
  • Within the arts, music may be classified as a performing art, a fine art, and auditory art.
  • Having more auditory information than they may be familiar with may provide them with sensory information that will help them become more independent.
  • However, contradictory evidence supports that language will not develop fully without auditory experience.
  • Studies found that the last auditory images in a dream are usually words spoken by the self-character in the dream.
  • So the auditory system can determine phase delays between both ears without confusion.
  • The visual channel holds less information than the auditory channel.
  • If both the visual and auditory channels are presented with information, more knowledge is retained.
  • Speech output, one form of auditory information, received considerable attention.
  • These individuals tend to weigh visual information from speech more heavily than auditory information.
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Synonyms of auditory

Meaning of auditory

  • adjective Of or relating to the process of hearing
    auditory processing, an audile person