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  • The school has a health care center for students as well as two well-appointed auditoriums on campus.
  • Back in those days there wasn't many auditoriums that would hold that many people.
  • He planned and built many schools, sports auditoriums and other buildings.
  • They would go around and do shows at malls and other high school auditoriums.
  • The former city prison provides a new home to primarily law students, with several study rooms and two auditoriums.
  • Soon, however, they realized that resources put into creation of buildings and auditoriums do not pay off.
  • It also has two air-conditioned auditoriums meant for literary and other small-scale events.
  • She frequently packs auditoriums to capacity, making even standing room hard to come by.
  • The building has two large auditoriums in two separate wings.
  • Later, she took her one-woman show across the country, performing in small theaters and school auditoriums.
  • Three stories below, the university has an underground parking space and two auditoriums.
  • The government would build a campus with auditoriums, houses, a sports complex and administrative offices.
  • Around this time, the group also started playing at college auditoriums and pursuing a younger audience.
  • The Association usually attracts three to five artists per year to perform in local high school auditoriums.
  • The entire structure has been called "one of the most magnificent auditoriums in the country."
  • Classes that were held in the building's two large auditoriums were relocated.
  • Meetings are typically held in school auditoriums, however they may be moved to larger venues as needed.
  • Some single-screen theaters have split their auditoriums into two screen rooms.
  • Four equipped special auditoriums and a library are available at this faculty.
  • Due to several projects implemented with the above-mentioned bodies some auditoriums equipped with modern techniques were established.
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Root form of auditoriums is auditorium for the noun.

Meaning of auditoriums

  • noun The area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits