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  • Info An auditorial is an audio editorial used by journalists to satirize a phrase, speech or statement through an audio recording of the phrase, speech of statement.
  • The State Hornet was the first news organization to use an auditorial as an official journalistic opinion piece.
  • At the AGM the results of the auditorial election are declared and the new Auditor appointed following the passing over of the chain of office.
  • Humor and satire are the main devices of an auditorial, often encouraging the general public to laugh at and criticize the figure in question.
  • On the other hand, the sound and the pictures of a TV program would be integrated as structural congruent by combining visual and auditorial stimuli.
  • The article upon which the auditorial was based has since been recognized by a variety of media organizations, including second place Breaking News Story by the California College Media Association in 2008.
  • It's a spacial congruent example by combining visual and auditorial stimuli.
  • Hazing The auditorial received mixed responses, with some commenting that it detracted from the legitimacy of The State Hornet.
  • Technically the freighter/soletta crash investigation was assigned to Vorthys, as it appeared to be an engineering disaster; Miles came along to observe, and only began to exert Auditorial authority once he recognized the major political and tactical issues at hand.
  • The auditorial criticized Athletics Director Terry Wanless after he downplayed a possible incident of hazing, speculating that pictures of freshmen soccer players depicting chiefing might be showing "a masquerade party."
  • The term auditorial was coined in 2007 by Nate Miller, 2006-2007 editor in chief of The State Hornet, the student newspaper of Sacramento State.

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