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  • It has four main auditoria, seven conference rooms and many smaller rooms.
  • The old theatre building was demolished, and the new building containing two new auditoria.
  • Its four auditoria make it the largest venue on the south coast.
  • Theater auditoria are often lined with speakers all along the side and back walls.
  • However, it is being rebuilt now for the use as auditoria.
  • This cultural center has two auditoria, exhibition center and a concert-cafe.
  • Public trials were usually widely discussed in media and hearings were often arranged in larger auditoria.
  • There are some older auditoria and laboratories which are still in use.
  • The building was then designed to have two components which were the auditoria and archives.
  • In contrast to the building's outside cubic appearance, the auditoria use a more curved design.
  • Building A is a long connecting building, it has ground, first floor and basement level and holds the auditoria.
  • The Court operated two auditoria at the Arts Centre.
  • Two separate auditoria within the same theatre building may hold different memberships, such as in the case of the Royal Court Theatre.
  • It has four performance auditoria, rehearsal and media studios, a cinema and art gallery.
  • Stand-up is performed at live venues of all sizes across the nation - from small Pubs to major auditoria.
  • The main entrances for audiences visiting either of the two performing arts auditoria are on the north side of the building.
  • Open Air Theatre was first established in 1932, and is considered one of the largest auditoria in London.
  • It has two auditoria and hosts a wide range of productions and engages in outreach work in the local community.
  • The office tower will not have any cinemas but will contain three multifunction auditoria which can possibly be used as cinemas.
  • It has two auditoria named Dhanvantri and Bharadwaj where high profile medical conferences are held.
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Root form of auditoria is auditorium for the noun.

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  • noun The area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits