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  • This makes the Auditori a focus of musical life in the city in the different fields of divulgation, teaching and research.
  • The band offers a fixed season of concerts at the Barcelona L'Auditori.
  • Access to his judgment was subject to prior scrutiny of the Sentences Auditori old, who then held the role of prosecution.
  • All stages are held outdoors, with the exception of the Auditori.
  • Since 2007 its headquarters are found on the second floor of the L'Auditori de Barcelona in the Fort Pienc neighbourhood.
  • Access to his judgment was subject to prior scrutiny of new Auditori the Sentences and the causes for children, the latest Auditoriums, who then held the role of prosecutor.
  • In 1999, the OBC inaugurated its new venue in the brand-new Auditorium (l'Auditori).
  • The band has been involved in community projects of an educational type, holding concerts for schools and families in collaboration with L'Auditori Educa and L'Auditori Apropa.
  • The School is located in Barcelona at L'Auditori, a performing arts center inaugurated in 1999 which also houses three concert halls and is designated as the site of a museum of musical instruments.
  • Auditori Enric Granados is the main concert hall in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) also hosting the city's music conservatory.
  • The Auditorium Theatre of Salou (Teatre Auditori de Salou) is an important part of the local community in terms of cultural and leisure in the municipality.
  • Since 2007, it has been the resident band at the Barcelona Auditorium (L'Auditori), where it offers a fixed season of concerts and where it develops projects in partnership with artists and groups forming part of the international scene as well as those from the local sphere.
  • Integration with other buildings already completed in the area (Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, L'Auditori and Mercat dels Encants) is a key component of proposed redevelopment.
  • The Cuarteto Casals (Casals Quartet) is a Spanish string quartet based at l'Auditori in Barcelona, where all four members reside and teach at the Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya.

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